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IPContact manages incoming, outgoing and combined campaigns. With a unified web management you design your campaigns and the media involved (phone, SMS, e-mail, etc.) including agent screens and days and hours of campaign activity.

Once a call reaches the agent, it receives a pop-up pre-programmed into the system through the web or connecting to an existing system.

IPContact handles multimedia outbound campaigns and made of different formats with automatic predictive dialing, automatic preview, manual preview and multiple means of contact.

IPContact is the most suitable tool for your company to have a custom call center, with the most modern and simple applications to be considered by the quality of their communications.

Create your own forms, integrate your everyday tools (CRM, ERP, database, authentication system, Contacts, etc.) and take advantage of WebServices facilities in a modern and open system.

IPContact works with MySQL, all calls data is saved and available. It features reports per campaign, per agent, per group of agents, by time, etc.

IPContact also provides all the mechanisms of control and efficiency assesment for agents (calls answered, average time of call, closed sales, transfers, etc.) and individual objectives being set for the campaign.

Using a SNMP interface, IPContact provides information about delay times in queues and generates traps if you exceed the tolerable limits of the campaign.

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