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It requires less investment because servers or licenses are not needed, contracts are short term and support costs are lower.


It also adapts to mobility requirements that are key for some businesses. You can move your offices, have employees who telecommute or are travelers and have your communications solution without being tied to a particular location.


Support includes periodic backup of configurations and event logs, custom reports, statistics and graphics of performace, operating system updates, access to online support for resolving incidents, configuration settings and usage guidelines.


The system allows you to have a production system in a short term with a brief induction to your human resources. The PC client approaches communication facilities to your desktop with a virtual assistant for scheduling tasks, your call log and contact list (personal and corporate).

autonomous  facilities 

Business continuity in the event of Internet outages.

Use of local lines for calls that require it.

Internal switching of calls within the same location.

Integration with local applications.

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