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IPContact is an innovative solution in the area of communications that maximizes the internal and external contact of your company. It is out own venture, designed by our development department, with an open architecture, ready to adapt to the needs of our customers.

With available features, easy implementation, simple operation and management. Users adapt easily to it and minimizes training time so that the customer gets immediately the benefits of the new system. Multiple operation modes as IP PBX, Call Center or integrated contact center.

IPContact is a completely scalable product, from its "cloud" version to the most important contact centers in the region all use the same systems, the same interfaces and can be easily expanded.

Incorporating IPContact to your company allows you to optimize and enhance your investment in technology, learning of systems use and implementation, adaptation of computer systems to your business and many other items that you thought should be changed along with your traditional telephony solution.

IPContact gives more life to your investments and exploits your database, your authentication system, your CRM, so that your management systems can coexist with IPContact and enhance their use.

IPContact is fully compatible with server backup solutions, can work in simple or hot-standby mode ensuring the highest reliability.

Redundancy systems for telephony connection (PRI, analog, etc.) make the system redundant for your company to stay connected all the time.


Control and usage management for Call Center.

Contact automation services (IVR) 

to allow automatic messages and manage different forms of communication with the public.

Messaging services and localization of employees.


- Corporate address books (CRM)

- International telephony services.​​

- Managing, sending and receiving text messages.

- Recording, registration and call status.

IPContact is a tech tool and as such requires constant renewal, support and new implementations to pace ourselves with other solutions.

We survey the needs of your business and the potential of their applications, to assemble the best project for you. We install our products, train your human resources and provide maintenance service that includes all operational support and product updating.

We have an experience of over 10 years learning with our clients, with specific projects, on a national and international level.

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