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The phone is the most used communication channel between the company and its customers (despite the use of other modern media like e-mail or instant messaging).
The phone is still the essential communications element to build a good relationship between the company and its customers.
Modern collaborative environments, teamwork, telework and mobility require a robust and versatile communications platform.

IPContact has an SNMP agent which can connect to the most powerful management systems. SNMP data available include not only the hardware but also the use of pstn lines and extensions, connected agents and calls waiting. 

This client, that is installed on the user's desktop, allows the user to have a personal and corporate phone book, call logging and common phone operations management.

This system allows you to connect an extension anywhere and once connected with IPContact receives its configuration from the central point. This functionality facilitates the initial configuration of the extensions.

This feature allows you to schedule calls, SMS messages and even alarms. Connected with the ease of Virtual Assistant is a great help to users.

IPContact may include multiple virtual systems, having its own resources (typically extensions) and shared resources (lines, trunks, hardware).

This technology is very helpful in buildings with multiple offices, customers where there were multiple telephone switchboards that are changed by a single IPCOntact, service providers, etc. Access to the administration, reporting, fees, messages and recordings is completely private to each virtual PBX.

The use of video telephony devices is fully supported.

IPContact was conceived as a telephony solution for the modern world, including permanent mobility of users inside and outside the company.

To comply with this task we developed a system where the user remains connected to the system through their own cell phone, messaging system or any other equipment. Thus the call reaches the user automatically through any possible means.

For outgoing calls the user also use any communication medium and all communications are stored in the same system and under the same number.

The virtual assistant is an application for performing scheduled or instantaneous calls with call management (you call a person at a specific time and IPContact himself is responsible for making the call until it is complete and then forwarding it to your extension), the call may also pass through another extension.

This system can be connected with any application making any integration with existing systems very easy (collections, contracts, renewals, etc.).

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